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Alemohamad law office has Started its activity since 1973 with the aim of legal, criminal, family, Registering to real people and legal persons . also this office has been trying to prioritize customer satisfaction .

Alemohamad law office


Business affarirs and contracts

Alemohamad law office proudly announces its services to all Iranian people. These services include company registration, brand registration, registration of changes and decisions of the company, transferring the shares of a certain company, liquidation, registration and trade brand, increase and decrease capital and all corporate affairs in the field of registration.

Family Law

Today Family litigations cover most of the cases in the judiciary, as for the variety of such claims and its specialty, the Alemohamad law office offers its services.


Alemohamad law office presents these services in field of civilian: the requirement to set up an official document, an obligation to perform a commitment, a requirement to end the work, dispossession and also criminal proceedings such as, the sale of non property, fraud and forgery.

Labor law

The relationship between employer and employee is very complex and multifaceted. You can consult Alemohmad law office to get information about rights of the employer and employee.


We accepts and conducts all criminal cases from the first stages of the preparation and the filing of complaints until it reaches a definitive conclusion at competent authorities, including public and specialized authorities in criminal cases.

Legal services to Iranians Abroad

In many cases, Iranian nationals living abroad are expose to abuse by swindlers because of their lack of familiarity with the judiciary of Iran. The Alemohamad law office will help these people.
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