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How to get a Copy of your Lost Title Deed?


The copy of title deeds are issued in the following cases:


  1. In case of missing title deed
  2. In case of loss of all title deeds or part of it
  3. If the title deed is with another person and it is not possible to return it even through the judicial authorities.


Note – Theft of title deeds and… It is also subject to paragraph 1.


In cases where the owner requests the copy issuance of the title deed due to the loss or loss of the title deed, the owner must inform the local registry office in writing by destroying or missing the document, and an affidavit declaring the testimony and notification of at least three persons whose identity and signature have been certified by one of the witnesses and the identity and signature mentioned in the local police certificate or one of the witnesses. Notary has arrived, attached. After receiving the application and the affidavit, the registry office must first register it and reflect it in the real estate office and then announce the orders in a letter to notary offices, and in the places where the computer is used, issuance of the foresaid letter is not necessary and should be communicated to the computer operator and then at the requesting cost, the order is once in one of the Advertise widely used newspapers or one of the newspapers where advertisements are posted. In the event that no objection has been made within ten days from the date of publication of the advertisement or if the original title deed or transaction document has not been submitted, the Registry Office will issue a copy of title deed, and in cases where the contents of the page or pages of the title deed are missing, a copy shall be issued.


The copy of title deed contains all the contents of the missing document. (It is not necessary to mention conditional and mortgage documents that have been terminated or sealed)

In the advertisement published in the newspaper, the following should be stated:

  1. The owner’s name and surname.
  2. Number plate and section and location of the property.
  3. Summary of claims of loss or loss of title deed.
  4. Transactions that tell the story of the records of the record and the declaration of the documentary owner to the official document in the title deed.
  5. Note that anyone who has made a transaction regarding the property that is not mentioned in the fourth part or claims the existence of the title deed with him, shall refer to the fixed place of the advertisement within ten days after the publication of the advertisement and submit his objection while presenting the original title deed or the title deed of the transaction, and if there is no objection within the deadline or if the original title deed or the title deed of the transaction is submitted. The Replica Registration Office will issue the title deed in accordance with the regulations and submit it to the applicant.