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The custody of the child-alemohamadlaw

Custody of a child after divorce

The custody of the child According to Article 1168: Taking care of children is both a right and a duty of parents. According to Article 1169 For the custody and custody of a child whose parents live apart, the mother has priority until the age of seven, after which she is with the father. After […]

The landlord is obliged to make the necessary repairs during the lease

The landlord is obliged to make the necessary repairs during the lease If the property needs major repairs after the conclusion of the lease or during the lease, the landlord is obliged to make the necessary repairs. If the landlord does not carry out major repairs, the tenant can file a lawsuit seeking to oblige […]

What is the right to divorce?-alemohamad

What is the right to divorce?

As you know, according to Article 1133 of the Civil Code and Sharia, the right to divorce is in the hands of men. But a man can delegate his right to divorce to his wife or any other person. Of course, if the husband has given his wife a power of attorney to divorce, the […]

Request for remuneration

Lease agreements concluded from 1376 on wards, after the expiration of the term, the lease terminates. If the lessee owns the leased property without the permission of the landlord, the lessor for this period is entitled to rent, even if the tenant has not used the lease. And if the tenant owns the property after […]

Company Registration

Company registration is the starting point of a business. double credit, government benefits and bank loans, lasting branding, participating in tenders, etc. are among the benefits of registering a company. Usually companies are registered with the subject of production, trade or service activities. Some non-commercial affairs can also be registered as an institution. Company registration […]

Obtaining a lawyer abroad-alemohamadlaw

Obtaining a lawyer abroad

important points: ۱- According to the law, whenever a person signs an official document, the principle is that he has accepted the provisions of that document, and if he claims to be unaware of the original of that document, he must prove his claim. ۲- If you intend to prepare a power of attorney for […]

Power of attorney

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a contract by which one of the parties appoints the other party to act on his behalf. This contract ends with the death of either party or the resignation of the lawyer or the dismissal of the lawyer by the client or with the insanity of the lawyer or the […]

What is a full power of attorney?

Full or Plenipotentiary power of attorney is a type of power of attorney in which a lawyer is given the authority to act in all financial and legal matters. In fact, the person delegates all his powers, obligations and duties to a third party in one place. This type of power of attorney is such […]