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Represent a Lawyer in Iran without referring to Mikhak System

The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran has launched the Sana system abroad. By using this system the problems and issues of Iranians abroad will be solved more easily and quickly. What is Sana system? According to the law of criminal procedure, the judiciary in 2016 designed and implemented a system called Sana system […]

Power of attorney

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a contract by which one of the parties appoints the other party to act on his behalf. This contract ends with the death of either party or the resignation of the lawyer or the dismissal of the lawyer by the client or with the insanity of the lawyer or the […]

Evacuation for demolition and renovation - alemohamadlaw

Evacuation for demolition and renovation

This lawsuit is about commercial real estate lease agreements that were concluded before 1976 and are subject to the Landlord-Tenant Relations Law approved in 1977. In these contracts, the end of the lease term does not terminate the lease relationship (relationship between landlord and tenant). Now, if the landlord decides to renovate the leased property, […]

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Dispute Resolution Council

What is a Dispute Resolution Council and in what cases should you refer to a Dispute Resolution Council? Dispute Resolution Council is one of the institutions that operates under the supervision of the Iranian judiciary. And now, with the merger of the Arbitration Center, it has been renamed the Dispute Resolution Development Center of the […]