“What I like best about my job is making a difference for my clients who are often in difficult situations.”


Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Ale Mohammad, senior attorney-at-law and Member of the Board of the Khuzestan Bar Association.
Nearly 45 years of experience in law
Ale Mohammad, as one of the expert lawyers, has always been sought and interviewed by various Iranian and foreign news agencies, especially the Iranian Students News Agency ISNA, on various issues related to law and justice. During his presidency, introductory meetings and speeches consisting of lawyers and judicial officials of the province, especially the Chief Justice of the time, were held repeatedly and caused a very good interaction between the legal institution and the judiciary.
Ale Mohammad is a staunch defender of the independence of bar associations and the independence of the judiciary, and he has made great efforts in this path.
Ale Muhammad firmly believes that in order to prepare an independent and effective defense of the citizens, the independence of the Bar Associations and, necessarily, the independence of the lawyers in the defense position must be fully observed and observed. No lawyer should be subjected to pressure or reprimands for his or her legal and professional defense. The real position of lawyers must be known, and the culture of advocacy and public awareness of the valuable role of lawyers is absolutely necessary. The sanctity of lawyers in the judiciary and other state authorities must be fully taken into account, and for this purpose, comprehensive and clear laws and regulations must be enacted and implemented.

Bachelor of Laws from the University of Tehran

  • He has been the President of the Khuzestan Bar Association twice
  • the main member of the board of directors of the Bar Association for several terms
  • representative of the Khuzestan Bar Association in the Executive Council of the National Bar Association (Skoda) for several terms
  • The first publication of the Bar Association of Khuzestan Province was compiled and published during his presidency.
  • has a history of legal advice in the Khuzestan Water and Electricity Organization, Karun Agro-industry Company and Ahvaz Steel Company.
  • represented Shahram Jazayeri in one of the most important and controversial cases about economic crimes.
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