“What I like best about my job is making a difference for my clients who are often in difficult situations.”


Yahya Alizadeh Dehnavi is an attorney at law and a member of the Iranian Bar Association in Tehran and Admitted to the Iranian Central Bar Association in April 1975 (acquiring first place in the qualifying examinations

LL.B. from Tehran University in 1972

LL.M. from Tehran University in 1976

Attended the summer courses of the Hague Academy of International Law ( Public and Private International Law ) in 1992

    • Served as legal adviser to Tehran Stock Exchange, Acceptance Committee (from 1975 to 1979).
    • Worked as legal adviser to the Financial Organization for the Expansion of Ownership of Industrial Units (from January 1978 to October 1979).
    • Served as legal adviser to the National Industries Organization of Iran (from 1982 to 1989).
    • Served also intermittently as legal adviser to many other industrial and commercial entities, in the public and private sectors (from 1975 to 1989)
    • Presenting legal services in the ordinary course of business, acting as attorney in initiating and pursuing civil or criminal cases before domestic courts, or as advising counsel before foreign courts, or as legal adviser in the course of settlement negotiations.
    • Served as member of the Commission on International Law and Arbitration (in Tehran), a body affiliated with the Iranian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce (from 1986 to 1989).
    • Served as counsel in a number of cases before the Iran- United States Claims Tribunal in The Hague, the Netherlands (from 1982 to 1989).
    • Served as legal assistant to the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal in The Hague (from October 1989 to March 1996).
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