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What is alimony?


After marriage, couples have rights and responsibilities towards each other. One of the rights of a woman after marriage is the right to alimony. The man is obliged to pay alimony to his wife and children. Alimony means providing for the living expenses that are borne by the man in a permanent marriage. Alimony includes clothing or food and whatever the woman needs, which the man is obliged to provide and pay for the woman’s life.

What is alimony included?

As we have said, in a permanent marriage, a man is obliged to pay alimony to his wife, and a woman’s alimony includes all the normal needs of the woman, including housing, clothing, food, furniture and household items, and health and medical expenses; In addition, if the wife needs a servant or is accustomed to having a servant, the husband is obliged to get a servant for his wife.

Of course, the examples of female alimony mentioned in this article are not exclusive. This means that a woman’s alimony is not limited to what is stated in the law, and a woman’s alimony includes all the needs that a woman normally needs and is commensurate with her dignity.

Does the amount of alimony depend on the couple’s financial ability?

According to Article 1107 of the Civil Code, alimony refers to all the normal needs of a woman and the amount of alimony is the responsibility of the court. If a woman complains about non-payment of alimony, the court will refer the matter to a forensic expert for further consideration and ask them to determine the woman’s normal needs. Naturally, given that the text of the law does not provide complete examples of alimony, experts estimate a woman’s normal needs for a man’s financial ability.

How is alimony calculated?

Nowhere in the law is the amount of alimony specified precisely. However, alimony means meeting the needs of the wife in the normal way. The court is responsible for calculating the woman’s alimony and determining its amount. In other words, the amount of alimony is determined according to the customs, habits of the people of a region, the financial status of the man and the family status of the woman and her way of life before marriage. The amount is determined by the official expert of the judiciary. In case of an objection, according to the expert, the parties can protest for up to seven days, stating the reasons.

How to calculate child support:

Every person who has a child is obliged to meet the normal needs of his child and has rights and obligations towards him. Children and grandchildren are vulnerable people who need parental support. In this regard, according to the law, the father is obliged to pay the child. In other words, even if the custody of the child is the responsibility of the mother or someone other than the parents, the father still has to pay alimony to his child. If the father is unable to pay or has passed away, the grandfather and later the paternal grandparents are obliged to pay. If none of them have the financial means or are alive, the mother must provide for her child’s living needs. It should be noted that girls are usually entitled to alimony before marriage or employment, and boys up to the age of eighteen.