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What is a Mahr?


Mahr is a money that a man undertakes to pay to his wife when the marriage gets official. The dowry should be something that is taxed among Muslims, for example, it can be cash, coins and gold, movable and immovable property, and even the performance of certain duties on the husband.

It should be noted that the marriage portion should be very specific and not vague. For example, it is not correct for the husband to say that he will give one of my houses or lands or three portions of the house I will buy in the future as a Mahr to his wife.

Other tips about Mahr:

The Mahr is recorded in the official document of marriage, and one of the benefits of this action is that this document is a binding document.

One of the features of the binding document is that it can be enforced through the office and you can obtain the writ of execution and refer to the office of registration of official documents. Therefore, this document can be received both through the registry office and without going to court, and through going to the court of law.

In order to apply through the court of law, a woman can, if she wishes, go to a lawyer and receive legal advice, write her request in the special petitions and request her Mahr through the court of her husband’s residence. The lawsuit obliges the husband to pay the mahr.

It is necessary to know that the mahr may be in both demand and affordability. If the endowment is on demand, the wife can demand her marriage portion from the husband whenever she wishes, and this demand has nothing to do with the husband having or not having money. However, if the dowry is affordable, receiving it is conditional on the husband having money. That is, if the husband is unable to pay the marriage portion, the wife cannot demand it from him, and whenever the man is able to pay, the wife can demand her Mahr from her husband.