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Evacuation for demolition and renovation - alemohamadlaw

Evacuation for demolition and renovation

This lawsuit is about commercial real estate lease agreements that were concluded before 1976 and are subject to the Landlord-Tenant Relations Law approved in 1977. In these contracts, the end of the lease term does not terminate the lease relationship (relationship between landlord and tenant). Now, if the landlord decides to renovate the leased property, […]


Inheritance means the transfer of property and assets of a deceased person to their heirs. People benefit from inheritance in different classes. In this way, people benefit from the heritage according to their relationship with the deceased. First class: parents, children and children’s children Second class: their ancestors, sisters, brothers and children Third class: sisters, […]

selling a property with “a letter of intent” problems

selling a property with “a letter of intent” problems

Many of our clients have sold their property with a promissory note and the buyer has not paid in full and during a fraudulent operation, they filed a lawsuit against the seller to take over the house from him. Unfortunately, selling a property with a letter of intent creates many problems for people. A charter, [...]