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Power of attorney

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a contract by which one of the parties appoints the other party to act on his behalf. This contract ends with the death of either party or the resignation of the lawyer or the dismissal of the lawyer by the client or with the insanity of the lawyer or the […]

What is a full power of attorney?

Full or Plenipotentiary power of attorney is a type of power of attorney in which a lawyer is given the authority to act in all financial and legal matters. In fact, the person delegates all his powers, obligations and duties to a third party in one place. This type of power of attorney is such […]

Confirmation of termination of contract due to death, disability and bankruptcy

Legal basis of the application The contract of participation in the construction is considered a necessary part of the contract and is not terminated with the death, bankruptcy or disability of one of the parties to the contract. On the other hand, in the event of conditions such as the above conditions for one of […]

Who is the guardian?

Who is the guardian?

Who is the guardian? According to civil law, those who are unable to manage their financial or non-financial affairs must have someone to assist them in doing so. For example, a minor is someone who has not reached the age of puberty, as well as a madman or a crazy person who are all outcasts […]

Evacuation for demolition and renovation - alemohamadlaw

Evacuation for demolition and renovation

This lawsuit is about commercial real estate lease agreements that were concluded before 1976 and are subject to the Landlord-Tenant Relations Law approved in 1977. In these contracts, the end of the lease term does not terminate the lease relationship (relationship between landlord and tenant). Now, if the landlord decides to renovate the leased property, […]

toll tariff - alemohamadlaw

What is the toll tariff?

* Toll tariff is a specific instruction that has been prepared and regulated by the Ministry of Interior based on Article 30 of the Municipal Financial Regulations. * In case of non-payment of municipal tolls, your building will be fined for not paying tolls. * Municipal building tolls are presented as annual municipal tolls and […]

alimony- alemohamadlaw

What is alimony?

After marriage, couples have rights and responsibilities towards each other. One of the rights of a woman after marriage is the right to alimony. The man is obliged to pay alimony to his wife and children. Alimony means providing for the living expenses that are borne by the man in a permanent marriage. Alimony includes […]

returned check- alemohamadlaw

Returned check

A check is a useful and important business document. One of the most important issues with paying a check is that sometimes the check is not paid and in fact, it is a rubber check. This type of checks that are returned in the bank is called a returned check or rubber check, and it […]

What is a dowry? alemohamadlaw

What is a Mahr?

Mahr is a money that a man undertakes to pay to his wife when the marriage gets official. The dowry should be something that is taxed among Muslims, for example, it can be cash, coins and gold, movable and immovable property, and even the performance of certain duties on the husband. It should be noted […]

Obligation to deliver the leased item to the tenant

Obligation to deliver the leased item to the tenant

Legal basis of the petition of Obligation to deliver the leased item to the tenant In order to file Obligation to deliver the leased item to the tenant, a lease agreement must first be concluded between the landlord and the tenant, and a specific date must be set for the delivery of the leased property […]