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How to get a Copy of your Lost Title Deed?

The copy of title deeds are issued in the following cases:   In case of missing title deed In case of loss of all title deeds or part of it If the title deed is with another person and it is not possible to return it even through the judicial authorities.   Note – Theft […]...
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Represent a Lawyer in Iran without referring to Mikhak System

The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran has launched the Sana system abroad. By using this system the problems and issues of Iranians abroad will be solved more easily and quickly. What is Sana system? According to the law of criminal procedure, the judiciary in 2016 designed and implemented a...
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Brand registration and trademark-alemohamadlaw

Registration and Trademark

Manufacturers and business owners always choose a name for their products that is known and introduced after being recognized by the target market (customers). The first step in starting a business, whether manufacturing or giving service, is to select and register trademarks. This brand differentia...
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Unemployment Insurance

According to the labor law, after termination of cooperation with the employer under legal conditions, workers and employees are entitled to receive unemployment insurance. One of the most important things to consider about the laws is the definition of unemployed in terms of the law because most pe...
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