تصرف عدوانی

forcible entry and possession


Forcible entry and possession is a claim of a former occupier that another person, without his consent, removes the immovable property from his possession and requests the return of his possession to that property. To seize from a person to whom he has a right under that contract (such as a tenant).

Types of forcible entry and possession:


The legislature has defined it in Article 158 of the Code of Civil Procedure: “He is asking.” According to this definition, the seized property must be immovable (ie, not transferable, such as housing).


It means financial seizure that belongs to another person. It also knows that the property belongs to someone else. Legally, it is considered a crime, and if proven guilty, the person is sentenced to one month to one year in prison. This type of seizure applies to real estate. In criminal aggression, a person must prove ownership of immovable property.

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