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Unemployment Insurance


According to the labor law, after termination of cooperation with the employer under legal conditions, workers and employees are entitled to receive unemployment insurance. One of the most important things to consider about the laws is the definition of unemployed in terms of the law because most people think that unemployment that can benefit from this law is different from the definition of the insurance law. An unemployed person is an insured person who is unemployed against his will and is ready to work

Eligibility for unemployment insurance, having at least one year of insurance history, and if you have worked in several workshops during the year, it is enough to have at least six months of insurance history in the last workshop.
Given the legal complexities of setting up and receiving unemployment insurance pension, an experienced lawyer can be your best legal adviser and representative.
If the insured is declared temporarily unemployed due to structural economic changes of the relevant working group and at the discretion of the relevant ministry and the approval of the High Labor Council, as well as the insured who are unemployed due to unexpected events such as floods, earthquakes, wars and fires, The determination of whether the insured unemployment is voluntary or involuntary is the responsibility of a committee composed of representatives of the Social Security Organization and the Department of Labor and Social Affairs of the insured place of employment.
Do not consider unemployment insurance if you have left your job of your own free will, or have agreed with your employer for any reason and under any agreement, or if you do not have Social Security at all.
Also, the unemployed has a fixed-term employment contract if they have been fired during the contract period based on the decision of the dispute resolution authority, and the people working in jobs that are permanent in nature and have been working for a certain period according to the employment contract. Socially, if they become unemployed at the end of the contract, they will be protected and will be entitled to unemployment insurance benefits.
In order to receive unemployment insurance benefits, the unemployed insured must inform the relevant labor and social affairs unit within 30 days from the date of unemployment and declare their readiness for employment in their specialized job or similar work in order to be able to use unemployment insurance. Slowly
Unemployed insured persons can apply for unemployment insurance if they are covered by the Labor and Social Security Act, are not foreign nationals, are not retired or have a general disability and have at least 12 months of insurance history.
Many people think that they can use unemployment insurance as long as they want, this is a misconception and it should be noted that the period of payment of unemployment insurance benefits to eligible policyholders depends on their insurance history and the maximum Its use time is 36 months for singles and 50 months for married people.
Unemployed persons who have been fired in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law and according to the votes issued by the dispute resolution authorities provided for in this law due to failure to perform their duties or violation of disciplinary regulations by the employer, will not be entitled to unemployment insurance benefits. Payment of unemployment insurance benefit to the insured If it is determined that the insured unemployment was of his / her own will, the insured must repay the funds received as unemployment insurance benefit to the Social Security Organization.
If the unemployed insured person does not declare his / her re-employment and continues to receive unemployment insurance benefits despite his / her employment, he / she must return the benefits received from the time of employment to social security.
Unemployment insurance premiums are 4% of the average insured salary, which can be increased by up to 4% per person depending on the number of dependents, provided that it is not less than the minimum wage for the same year set by the High Labor Council and ٨٠ Percentage of insured salary should not be more.